Thursday, 17 February 2011

our plane takes off...
a sudden jolt focuses
my eyes on the clouds


Adelaide said...

and a prayer on your lips, at least it would be on mine. Setting aside the humour, this has other meanings. A good one.


Janice Thomson said...

This struck a definite chord Frank.
One time when approaching the Toronto airport the plane was directly hit by lightning - it was a terrifying few minutes until good sense erected itself again and one realized all was ok.

Bill said...

Concentrates the mind wonderfully, as Dr. Johnson might say (but I'll bet you'd never get him in an airplane).

Anonymous said...

Nothing clears the head like a few scary minutes.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! More people die by accidents in their car. So what! Planes have much space in the sky - much more than a car has on the road. For me flying is an experience of space and wideness.

Best wishes