Monday, 1 September 2014

after a sad film
a yellow crescent moon
in a black sky


Out of Sight L said...

To give you hope because you deserve it, I missed you I've been looking for you, I've re-opened a new blog silly name but hey it's called:
if ever you feel like visiting it's so hard to find all my bookmarks they all disappeared which is a good thing because i had so many viruses attacking my laptop which i did not know at the time but i couldn't visit anyone and thank God or I would have given everyone those viruses. Luckily my son the Internet Specialist clear all the viruses aways warned me what to look out for when then suddenly appear and just x far only one and x the hell out of it so glad i found again, i missed you Frank

Frank... said...

Thanks for your visit & kind comments, Lorraine. I will look at your new blog shortly. Happy blogging!