Sunday, 23 May 2010

a balmy day
autumn colours trickle
along the empty road


Bill said...

A nice pair.

John McDonald said...

I agree well done Frank

Lorraine said...

wow, I'm glad you witnessed it, and now I too :)

High IQ 2010 said...

Greetings Grey!

Would you like to send us a football haiku for the Haiku World Cup?


Magyar said...

Paw prints along the empty road... these two fit so well, Frank! _m

Adelaide said...

Hello Frank,

I just discovered your blog and will be visiting whenever I can. I have added it on my blog to my list of blogs I like. You have some wonderful haiga. I am fairly new to haiga, but enjoy it very much. Stop by and visit me at


Warren said...

Wonderful visuals in these very fine haiku, Frank - you've outdone yourself!


M. Reka said...

Lovely haiku :)
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