Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I'm taking a break from Blogging for a while. Many thanks for all your very kind comments and observations to date, it is much appreciated.

Best wishes, Frank...


Lorraine said...

Have a great break, my friend!

Paul Smith said...

Have a great break Frank.

Area 17 said...

Enjoy your time off.

But do think about a football haiku during the world cup! ;-)

See: Alan’s Area 17 blog

all my best,

With Words

Janice Thomson said...

Look forward to your return Frank. Enjoy your break.

Carletta said...

I guess I was away longer than I thought and now so are you. :)
Have a wonderful break.
You are missed.

Emma Dalloway said...

hi frank, I hope you are enjoying your break... take care

John McDonald said...

hurry back Frank

Devika Jyothi said...

Frank, high time to end the break....look forward to your coming back and posts :)

some good sets here...though wasn't at comments, was reading regularly,