Saturday, 8 August 2015

twilight corner
a puff of wind suddenly
moves the paper bag 


Magyar said...

__It seems this may be a discarded bag in our atmosphere Well, at least it's paper and can cycle itself back to nature; rot becomes positive. Well said Frank! :<) _m

plastic bag
clings to this tiny keel
dagger board

Unknown said...

my thought was immediately plastic or paper? plastic is so dangerous....besides that enjoyed very much Frank

Adelaide said...

the wind at work
lifts a paper bag
and quits


Unknown said...

paper bag, sometimes I'm oblivious obviously say that three times real fast ;)

Frank... said...

Thank you Magyar, Lorraine & Adelaide for dropping by and commenting...

Area 17 said...

Ah, yes, terrific haiku.

I think many of us composed a flying shopping bag haiku in our time. There’s fewer around now, but they still appear, both bags and bag haiku. :-)

above the shop roof
a white plastic bag floats
the starless night

Alan Summers
Publications credits: Azami (Japan [early 1990s])


And a darker one...

sultry evening
liquid from the take out bag
runs near the victim

Alan Summers
Publications credits: World Haiku Review vol 2: Issue 3 (2002); Does Fish-God Know (Yet To Be Named Free Press 2012)

Frank... said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting & leaving your fine haiku, Alan...